Recording allows you to capture an Around meeting to view at a later time. Our immersive playback experience is designed to make viewers feel as though they were actually part of the original meeting.

This feature is still in Beta. Please help us continue to improve Recording by letting us know if you’re experiencing any issues. You can email us at

Start a recording

A recording can be started by any member of a permanent room or the creator of an ad-hoc room. There are two ways to start a new recording:

Method 1: Open the magic menu in the top-right of the meet window and select Record Meeting

Method 2: Type /record in the thought input at the bottom of the meet window and press enter

Once a recording has been started, a red indicator will be displayed at the bottom of the meet window and all attendees will receive a notification. Additionally, the room card in the Lobby will show a red indicator so anyone that hasn’t yet joined the room will know a recording is in progress.

Stop a recording

To stop a recording, press the Stop Recording button at the bottom of the meet window or in the magic menu in the top-right.

Browse recordings

Navigate to your Lobby, click your avatar and select Recordings (Beta)... to open the Recordings panel. From here you can see both all of the recordings you have created as well as any recordings made in rooms of which you’re a member.

Each entry shows the recording name, date, time, and attendees along with a share link and play button. Additionally, there are options for renaming the recording, refreshing the share link and deleting the recording.

Refreshing a share link will make any previously shared links for the corresponding recording invalid, thereby revoking access. Any members of the room where the recording was made will still be able to view the recording.

Watch a recording

Pressing the play button on a recording opens an Around meet window and launches an immersive playback experience. While watching a recording, it’s possible to navigate to any of the standard modes – Floating, Campfire, Minimal, etc. – and use many of Around’s features, like the Attendee List and Pin for Me.

Play Controls

Hovering the meet window will reveal the play controls at the bottom of the window, which include: play / pause, skip forward / backward 10 seconds, and seek.

Note: Play controls are not available while in Minimal Mode

Copy Recording Link

It’s possible to copy and share a recording link while watching recording. Simply click Copy Recording Link in the top-right of the meet window.

Leave Recording

To exit a recording, either close the meet window or click the Leave Recording button in the top-left of the meet window.

Share a recording

When a new recording is made, all meeting attendees will receive a link to the recording in an email after the meeting has ended. Additionally, a recording can be viewed by anyone that has an active share link. To copy a share link, navigate to your Lobby, click your avatar and select Recordings (Beta)... to open the Recordings panel. Then click the copy link icon beside the corresponding recording.


Can I watch a recording in the mobile app?

Around does not currently support recording playback in the iOS or Android app.

Yes! Anyone with an active share link can watch an Around recording both in the Around desktop app and supported browsers (Chrome, Edge or Firefox).

Can I download a video file of my recording?

Given the dynamic nature of Around’s recording playback, it is not currently possible to download a recording locally. If you would like to request this feature, please email us at or use our in-product feedback widget.

Is there a limit to how long a recording can be?

Yes, recordings are limited to a max time of 2 hours. That said, multiple recordings can be captured during the same meeting – even if they collectively exceed 2 hours – and will be grouped together in the Recording Panel.

Can I watch a recording while in a meeting?

If you’d like to watch a recording and be in a meeting room at the same time, you’ll need to use a different Around platform e.g. the browser.

Can I view Notes during the recording?

At this time, it is not possible to view Notes during the recording. This functionality is on our roadmap and will be coming in a future release.

Why does my recording show “Failed Processing”?

Rarely, Around may not be able to successfully prepare a recording for playback. This does not necessarily mean any data has been lost, however. Please reach out to for assistance.

Does Around record my entire video frame or just what I see in my cropped video circle/squircle?

Around accesses, stores and sends the full video frame, but crops it on the recipient’s side.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please reach out to and include "Using Recording" in the subject line. Thanks!